What is Acne And What Causes It?

Acne is a type of skin condition that causes skin cells, sebum and hair follicles clump together. The clump within the skin then is infected with bacteria that causes it to swell, which then forms a pimple when it begins to break down. This tends to appear mostly on the face, back, chest, shoulders and on the neck.

The condition medically has an array of causes and the major cause is considered to be related to a rise in androgen levels. The levels rise much higher during puberty and produces excessive sebum that causes the skin pores to break down and this exposes to bacterial infection.

Other causes include the use of greasy cosmetics, medications with high levels of androgen or lithium and finally, genetic factors are speculated to cause acne. Pregnancy hormones may also cause acne for the first time or to reoccur.

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Home and Professional Remedies To Acne

Acne is a skin condition that can be experienced at any point in time once an individual reaches the age of puberty. Having appropriate treatment to help take care of acne is as to avoid scaring especially on the face. The first step towards finding an appropriate treatment for acne or at the very least have a regiment that can help prevent scaring.

The type of treatment an individual decides to use will not only depend on the cause of the acne but also on the severity of the acne. Many home remedies in most cases will work very well in remedying moderate cases. For the cases that are much more severe, there is need to get professional help.

A visit to a dermatologist can get a prescription that is for external applications on the skin or to be taken internally. There are also more acne procedures that can be undertaken by a dermatologist to help either reduce or remove scaring completely. A dermatologist may also combine a number of treatments to help sort the problem in a way that is much more effective.

acne removal remediesThere are also a number of acne home remedies that one can try at the comfort of their home. The first and most common home remedy is the use of oil-free moisturizers. This goes a long way to keep your skin from getting oilier than it needs to be and ultimately preventing the blockage of the pores in the skin.

The second home remedy is washing or cleansing of the skin twice a day with mild soaps and warm water. This helps clear the pores on your skin and most of all avoid the accumulation of oil within them while at the same time helping avoid the risk of bacterial infections on the skin.

The third home remedy is to ensure that the blemishes or pimples on the skin are not picked or squeezed. This will help reduce the risk of getting them infected and ultimately go a long way to reduce the amount of scaring that one has after the acne clears off. Another home remedy is the use of natural products such as tea tree, oil, and mint.

These products have antioxidant and exfoliating properties, which help open up your skin pores to help avoid the clogging or clearing them and thus reducing the acne and just how much it spreads.

Another effective home remedy is the improvement of ones eating habits or eating healthy. This may help you get the important minerals that one needs so as to have a healthy skin and also improve the healing properties. One can also take supplements to this end if they cannot be able to get the foods that they need to be able to eat healthy.

Acne and Pimple Removal – Getting Started

There are several steps that can be applied in acne or pimple removal. A dermatologist may provide some external prescriptions that can help with acne and pimple removal or they can also use acne chemical peels that they apply to remove blackheads papules that are usually a sign of mild acne.

acne treatment tips and tricksRecently technology has also provided a number of therapies that dermatologists can apply to be able to destroy the bacteria that forms inflation on the skin to cause the pimples and hence actively remove them for instance, Blue light therapy, Photodynamic therapy and Intense pulse light therapy. All this are procedures that only a qualified dermatologist can provide and cannot be administered otherwise.

Acne Home Remedies to Begin With

For home remedies, there is no need for professional help, only needs to be dedication. Below are some home remedy steps that are useful.

  • Ice cubes: -This is basically done by putting ice cubes I piece of cloth and dabbing it on the pimples. This helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation tightens the skin around the pores and hence removing excess oil and clogging in the pores.
  • Lemons and Swimming: – This step is simple and can be achieved by taking a swim in a pool treated with chlorine. This can also be achieved through dabbing a piece of clot on freshly squeezed lemons and then dabbing them on the pimples. The lemon or chlorine helps dry out the skin and removes excess oils that may be causing acne of the skin.
  • Steam: – This can be done at home by boiling water and squeezing some mint or freshly squeezed lemons and holding your face and a blanket to steam the skin. This process will help open up the pores on the skin and hence allowing it to breath and in the process remove any excess oils that may be clogging them.